Dr. Larry Gaum's Oral Surgery for the GP Instrument Kit

Dr. Larry Gaum's Oral Surgery for the GP Instrument Kit

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This set contains all of the instruments hand picked by Dr. Larry Gaum for the Oral Surgery for the GP course.

A detailed list of all the instruments included in the set are below.

This set contains:

  1. 87 Lucas Spoon Surgical Curette (3.5 MM)
  2. PUSH Scalpel Handle, with automatic ejection
  3. Olsen Hegar Needle Holder (Driver) 17 CM with Tungsten Carbide Tips
  4. #1 Kelly Scissors, Curved, 16CM 
  5. #2 Kelly Hemostat, Curved, 14CM
  6. #69W Woodward Pressure Chisel (Elevator)
  7. #A30 Cryer Elevator
  8. #A31 Cryer Elevator
  9. Allison Tissue forceps, Straight, 5x6 Teeth
  10. #73 Lower Molars Extraction Forcep
  11. Dressing Applicator - Gauze Packer, Double Ended
  12. #2 Gardner Bone Chisel
  13. #1C Coupland Gouge Elevator
  14. #2C Coupland Gouge Elevator
  15. #8 Crane Pick Elevator
  16. 4MM Straight Osteotome
  17. 7.5MM Straight Osteotome
  18. 1 Mead Mallet
  19. #23 Seldin Periosteal Elevator
  20. Self Aspirating Anesthetic Syringe
  21. Oral Surgery Premium Series Cassette