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Couture GripStrip Coat Fine Diamond 12/Box

Couture GripStrip Coat Fine Diamond 12/Box

Sold By: The Dental Market Inc.

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Product Description

Fine: (for fine reduction and polishing)

  • Finishing (yellow end): 15 μm
  • Polishing (orange end): 8 μm
GripStrip Proximal Finishing and Polishing Strips have a diamond-coated design to provide precision finishing and polishing for restorations in proximal areas. Because our strips contain two working areas of different grit sizes – a coarser grit for stripping and removing material, and a finer grit for polishing – you can finish and polish with only one strip. Use GripStrip to contour and bevel, or to remove excess material and overhangs in filling surfaces and crown borders. Strong yet flexible, GripStrip reaches curved surfaces without breaking. A “free middle zone," which is uncoated and contains no grit, helps you get between spaces to your designated contact point on the restoration. Wide, perforated ends allow for a secure, ergonomic grip. And because it's autoclavable, GripStrip saves you money.

GripStrip Features:
Ideal for smoothing, contouring, finishing and trimming proximal, incisal and interproximal areas
Diamond-coated stainless steel metal strips
Finishing and polishing in one step with two, color-coded working areas with different grit sizes
Unique “free middle zone" to easily reach contact point
Ergonomically designed handles help you pull through tight contact areas
Our “Coarse" strips features a perforated design that provides flexibility, prevents chattering on the tooth surface and reduces friction for ease of sliding between teeth
Available in boxes containing 12 diamond-coated strips