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Curette Gracey 11/14 Mini Five

Curette Gracey 11/14 Mini Five

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Gracey Mini Five™ Curettes feature a terminal shank that is 3mm longer and a blade that is 50% shorter and 10% thinner than a Standard Gracey Curette. Gracey Mini Five™ Curettes are ideal for deep, narrow pockets.

Gracey curettes are area-specific curettes with blades having a single cutting edge, offset at 70° to the shank, to provide a perfect working angulation to the tooth surface.

Standard Gracey Curettes allow for deep scaling, root planing and periodontal debridement. Gracey Rigid curettes have thicker, stronger and less flexible shanks than Standard Graceys to allow for removal of moderate to heavy calculus. Gracey Extra Rigid Curettes are ideal for tenacious calculus removal. Standard, Rigid and Extra Rigid Gracey Curettes all have identical blade dimensions.