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Esthet-X Flow Intro Kit

Esthet-X Flow Intro Kit

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Product Description

Esthet•Xflow Liquid Micro Hybrid Restorative Syringe Intro Kit includes: 7 x Syringes – 1 of each shade: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, B1 and U/LYG Universal (1.3g each), 30 x Esthet•X flow Syringe Tips (Gray), 1 Dyract flow Shade B1 Syringe (1.3g), 6 x Dyract flow Syringe Tips (Black), 20 x Prime & Bond NT Unit Doses, 1 x Unit Dose Holder, 20 x Microbrushes, 1 x Caulk 34% Tooth Conditioner Gel Syringe (3mL), 25 x Disposable Applicator Tips (Needles) – Blue, 1 x PoGo One Step Micro Polisher Sample, 1 x Esthet•X HD Micro Matrix Restorative Compules Tip Sample 

Esthet•X flow liquid micro hybrid restorative provides the strength, wear resistance, and low shrinkage of a hybrid composite, in a smart, pseudoplastic handling. The materials unique handling allows it to stack when dispensed without slumping and to flow on command when manipulated with an instrument. Available in ten shades (7 Vita and 3 accessory) and a choice of delivery methods.