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Flaps X-Ray Sensor Tabs Long Blue 375/Box

Flaps X-Ray Sensor Tabs Long Blue 375/Box

Sold By: The Dental Market Inc.

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Product Description

Long blue 375/Box

Flaps makes taking x-rays fast. The soft polyethylene foam tabs stickon the film or sensor sheath with adhesive to make positioning quick.Flaps small size reduces gagging while your patient bites down withcomfort. Flaps are 100% latex free.


  • Efficient: simple, self-sticking foam tabs attach quickly and are easy to position.
  • Exact: cushioned tab holds film or sensor securely, allows full occlusion and provides visual reference for accurate placement and alignment.
  • Comfortable: well-accepted by both children and adults. Soft cushioning, without hard surfaces, and small size, reduce gagging and provide the ultimate in comfort.
  • Disposable: use-and-toss convenience. Extremely cost effective!
  • Compact: Flaps adhere to the sheath and adds no extra size to the edges of a sensor.