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Herculite XRV Unidose Dentin 20x0.25gm

Herculite XRV Unidose Dentin 20x0.25gm

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Herculite XRV Unidose Dentin 20x0.25gm

Herculite XRV is a microhybrid dental composite developed using the Vita® shade system. Exhibiting excellent handling properties, Herculite XRV enables anatomical shaping without composite slumping. For over 15 years, Herculite XRV's proven clinical efficacy is a testament to its reliability and durability providing long lasting esthetics and excellent wear rates. The Herculite XRV dental composite offers 38 opacities/translucencies that provide the ultimate in versatility. This microhybrid composite is available in both syringe and Unidose™ deliveries providing the convenience you need for each clinical case.

  • High wear resistance.
  • Long-lasting luster and smoothness.
  • Ideal Vita® shade match and shade selection.
  • 15 years' clinical efficacy.