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Multilink Automix Easy Refill, 9 g, Transparent, 1/Pk

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  • Offers dual-curing option
  • Cements indirect restorations of silicates and oxide ceramics
  • Ensures durable bonds on all surfaces
  • Used as a self-etching primer

Multilink Automix is a self-curing luting composite with a light-curing option. The water-based try-in paste is glycerine-based, with hydrolytically constant phosphoric acid monomers that promote easy clean-up of excess cement.

It offers outstanding bond strength on all types of surfaces. The liquid strip prevents the cement margin from oxygen exposure during curing.

Multilink Automix is indicated for long-term adhesion of indirect restorations made of metal, metal-ceramic, all-ceramic, and fiber-reinforced composites. Available in various industrial shades.

Each Automix Easy Refill contains 9 g Multilink Automix Syringe and 15 Mixing Tips.