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Tetric EVOCeram Cavifil, Bleach Shades

Tetric EVOCeram Cavifil, Bleach Shades

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Product Description

20x0.2g, Bleach Shades: XL, Bleach L, Bleach M, Bleach I

Proven technologies have been enhanced by nanotechnology: The well-balanced filler technology combines the advantages of all filler sizes (including nanofiller) providing;

  • fast, easy polishing
  • long-lasting polish
  • excellent wear resistance
  • low shrinkage and reduced shrinkage stress
  • high level radiopacity
  • Nano-color pigments enable improved shade adjustments and an optimum chameleon effect.
  • The nano-modifier provides excellent handling properties, increases the stability of the material and prevents the material from sticking to instruments.