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Tri Auto ZX II, Complete Unit

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  • Superb device used in endodontic treatment
  • Switches from forward and reverse rotations
  • Gentle on rotary files
  • Includes OTR and OGP modes

Tri Auto ZX2 is a portable device that includes an apex locator with its digital display on the handpiece. This motor is specially designed to accurately obtain apical patency and make a glide path with its Optimum Glide Path (OGP) function.

Built with an Optimum Torque Reverse (OTR) Technology, Tri Auto ZX2 ensures that files will not break or jam. This handpiece features an ergonomic design that guarantees grip stability and precision while reducing hand and wrist fatigue.

Each Complete Unit contains 1 x motor handpiece, 1 x contra angle, 1 x internal file electrode (pre-installed in contra angle), 1 x guide bur, 1 x file holder, 3 x contrary electrodes, 1 x tester, 30 x handpiece sleeves, 1 x LS spray nozzle, 1 x maintenance oil, 1 x battery, 1 x battery charger, 1 x AC adapter, 4 x power plugs, and 1 x probe cord.