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Venus Flow Syringe 1.8g

Venus Flow Syringe 1.8g

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Product Description

Venus Flow Syringe 1.8g

Venus Flow is the perfect addition to Venus composite in clinical situations in which precise control can only be attained by using a flowable composite. With this well-attuned system, you are ready to face the daily challenges posed by anterior and posterior restorations.

Venus Flow - Simply impressive. Simply beautiful. Simply the best for cavity lining!

  • Thanks to its radiopacity, it is easy to use and ensures a reliable diagnosis.
  • The low viscosity and good thixotropic properties make it the material of choice in a diverse range of indications.
  • Choice of 12 shades optimally matched to the Venus shades.
  • It enables you to create natural-looking restorations that blend perfectly with the surrounding teeth.
  • For cavity lining, the Venus Flow Baseliner, which is highly opaque and white in color, creates the first layer on the floor of a posterior cavity. It helps to avoid the unnecessary removal of healthy tooth substances when extracting old fillings.


New treatment for inadequate composite restoration in tooth 46 (Venus Flow Baseliner, Venus SBO, OA2, A2)