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Zero Flow Kit Beautibond (F00)

Zero Flow Kit Beautibond (F00)

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6 x 2.2g Beautifil Flow Plus Syringes (1 - A1, 1 - A4, 2 - A2, 2 - A3), 50 BeautiBond unit dose, 50 micorbrushesBEAUTIFIL Flow Plus is an injectable hybrid restorative. This composite is indicated for Class I, II, III, IV & V restorations as well as minimally invasive restorations, root caries restorations, filling primary teeth, restoring defects in enamel, additional filling and modification after composite resin filling and undercutting blockouts. • Base, liner and final restorative in one • Fluoride releasing • Stronger than many conventional composites • Stackable and sculptable; stays put • High radiopacity; greater than enamel • Self-polishing and self-leveling