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FuturaBond DC 50 x 0.1ml Unidose

FuturaBond DC 50 x 0.1ml Unidose

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FuturaBond DC 50 x0.1ml Unidose
Futurabond DC is a Dual-curing nano-reinforced self-etch dentine / enamel bond. Indications: Direct self- or dual-curing composite restorations and core build-ups, direct light-curing restoration with composite, compomer and Ormocer-based restoratives, adhesive luting of root pins/posts with dual or self-curing composite cements and indirect restoration when using dual- and self-curing resin cements for luting of inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges. Advantages: Chemical-curing with additional DC activator in areas inaccessible with a curing light, DC achieves the same adhesive properties as total-etch preparations without separate etching of the tooth substance, Universal application. Contains: 50 x0.1ml Unidose