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Ready Pro Developer & Fixer 2l Bottles 4/Ca

Ready Pro Developer & Fixer 2l Bottles 4/Ca

Sold By: The Dental Market Inc.

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Product Description

2 x 2L Each Developer and Fixer

READYPRO dental chemicals have been specially developed for use with INSIGHT and Ultra-speed dental films. The result: consistently high resolution images.

When our dental chemicals are used to process our dental film, you’ll get:

  • Outstanding image quality for accurate diagnosis
  • Superior clarity and resolution
  • Compatibility with all leading dental film processors
  • Simplified workflow – ready-to-use formulas mean no starter solution, mixing or dilution

READYPRO developer and fixer are specially formulated to keep rollerless processors running. Plus, they:

  • Come packaged in pre-measured bottles; all you have to do is open and pour
  • Will keep for up to two years, unopened and stored between 5–30 °C (40–85 °F)
  • Are available in handy twin packs