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Roller Transport Clean-Up Film 100/Pk

Roller Transport Clean-Up Film 100/Pk

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Used to help remove precipitates, dirt, and other materials that may be deposited on the transport mechanism. This usually occurs after the process has been left idle overnight, or for an extended period of time, typically more than 4 hours.

Note: Reuse of the sheets is not recommended, due to the possibility of chemical contamination, and redeposit of precipitates, dirt, etc. back onto the roller surfaces.

It is recommended that the Cleanup Film is used each morning; after startup, run one sheet of the film through the processor
Sheets may be fed through the machine either side up, as both sides have the same cleaning capabilities
Coated on a 7 mil ESTAR Base with a non-silver gelatin coating on each side
This film is designed for convenient cleaning of transport mechanisms in Kodak X-Omat Processors 1