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Spotit Straight 18 Pcs.

Spotit Straight 18 Pcs.

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Product Description

4 Reasons To Use Spotit

1. Exact indication for adjustment of C&B work
2. Optimal access
3. Easy handling
4. No mess

Spotit C&B Contact Finder

Before cementation of conventional crowns, bridges and implant prosthetics, it is necessary to assess the relationship of the crown to the neighboring teeth. Occlusion paper is often used to check the contact point. This method however shows a too broad and inaccurate contact point with the subsequent risk of excessive adjustment, often resulting in too large contact point.

Spotit is a coloured marker available on straight and angled handle. As the marker traverses the contact between the prosthetic element and the adjacent tooth it leaves a clear and accurate indication of the adjustment needed for a perfect contact point. The whole operation can be performed without assistance - holding the crown with one hand and the marker with the other hand.

Adjusting contact points on crowns and bridges has never been easier!