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Strata-G Sectional Matrix System Professional Kit

Strata-G Sectional Matrix System Professional Kit

Sold By: The Dental Market Inc.

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1x each SG400, SG500, SG600
10x each SG050, SG100, SG175, SG200, SG300
10x each FXH100, FXH150, FXH175, FXH200, FXH300
10x Varistrip
2x each FPCC010, FPCC040, FPCM010, FPCM040, FPCF010, FPCF040
1x each FXP01, TN009, BFA-1

The Strata-G system from Garrison is the next step in sectional matrix versatility, adaptability, and consistency of excellent restorations. Built to handle wide preps, deeper margins, and primary teeth with minimal flash and finishing time.

A sectional matrix kit for restoration of Class II cases on posterior teeth.

Strata-G™ rings feature Nitinol drawn-wire nickel-titanium which is aligned at the molecular level for superior performance yet requires less effort to open

Marginal ridge enhancements built into the matrix bands AND rings help provide that finishing flair!

The Strata-G™ rings, bands, and wedges combine for a 270° Seal™ for ultimate flash control. The rings won’t spring off the tooth, and the amazing Wide Preparation ring makes tough wide preps no problem.

The inverted V shape sits lower and seals deeper interproximal while flexible side walls and
Soft-Face™ TPE over-mold allows Strata-G™ Wedges to easily adapt to concavities and irregularities.